New Patients


New Patient

New Born/Prospective Parents

Dear Parent(s),

Thank you for choosing American Pediatrics for your child’s medical care.

We are credentialed at the following hospitals

  • Hoag Memorial Hospital, Irvine
    • Dr.Sushil Anand
    • Dr. Steven Sun
  • St. Joseph/Providence Memorial, Anaheim
    • Dr.Steven Sun
    • Dr.Sushil Anand
  • Pomona Valley Regional Medical Center, Pomona
    • Dr.Sushil Anand
  • San Antonia Regional Hospital, Upland
    • Dr.Sushil Anand
    • Dr.Daksha Jain
  • Corona Regional Medical Center, Corona
    • Dr.Sushil Anand
    • Dr.Abdullah Sharaf
    • Dr.Yvonne D'Sylva

If you are giving birth at one of our credentialed hospitals, please inform hospital admissions that you are choosing American Pediatrics or the specific doctor (from the list above) as your child’s pediatrician. Be careful while describing the name of the practice. If the practice is not present, choose the individual doctor from the list. You can choose any physician from our group and all of them see patients interchangeably. Depending on the physician on call, one of our physicians will see your baby at the hospital and perform all required examinations.

If you are giving birth at other hospital or a birthing center, please call us once the baby is discharged.

On discharge, call our office to schedule a new baby examination at our clinic. Our doctors will usually see the baby two to three days after discharge. Be sure to get all the records of the baby from the hospital. We will need this to check whether all required vaccinations have been administered.

After the first visit, our doctors will perform a thorough evaluation of the baby and check for various conditions. This visit will usually last 15 to 30 minutes.

After this visit, we will also schedule another well baby visit after two weeks. During this visit, our doctors will ensure that the baby is gaining weight and that there are no issues. The subsequent visit will be two months after the second visit.

Please note that our doctors encourage Vaccinations but parents can choose between American Association of Pediatrics specified normal schedule or delayed vaccine schedule (also called SEARS schedule). Please note we do not take patients, whose parents oppose vaccinations.

For All New Patients


Newborn babies are covered under Mom’s insurance for the first 30 days. Please call your insurance and add your baby to your insurance during the first 30 days.

If you have an HMO plan, please select Regal Medical Group or Optum (Prime care) as your IPA and select any of our physicians as your primary. It does not matter who you choose as all our physicians see our patients interchangeably.

If you have a managed Medi-CAL plan, call our office first to check whether our physician panels are open. We accept straight Medi-CAL.

Please download and complete the New Patient Registration form (English & Spanish) and bring them with you to your first appointment along with your current insurance ID card. If your child is a newborn, please remember to contact your insurance carrier to notify them of his/her arrival. This is very important as claims have already been sent in for our in-patient visits.

We look forward to seeing you at the office and to our continued relationship.