At American Pediatrics, we pride ourselves in being the best in Southern California. We understand that it is only possible by our provider and staff team. We consider our staff to be a part of our family. Many of our staff are highly engaged and have spent their entire careers with us. We have cared for over 120,000 children who depend on our team’s expertise and compassion. If you are the best in your field, we invite you to join our team. Our pay package is the best in class, our perks are generous, our benefits are extensive and management is supportive.

Our benefits include the following

  • Best in Class Pay – Every year we conduct a market analysis to ensure we offer the best salaries to our staff
  • Flexible schedule – We offer flexible schedules that works around your education and childcare needs.
  • Health Benefits – Unlike some employers who offer a medical plan with sky high deductible, we offer a full medical plan with zero or very low deductibles.
  • Retirement Benefits including employer matching – All our staff are eligible to contribute pre-tax dollars. Employer matches the first 3% of employee contributions.
  • Paid Time off – We offer paid time off to be used for vacations and personal days. For those over achievers, we also offer the option of cashing in their unused vacation days.
  • Sick Time off – We understand that everyone gets sick and that is why we offer sick time off from day one. We also offer COVID sick days off.
  • Performance Bonus – We recognize best performers by a generous performance bonus and a yearly pay review.
  • Tuition and Continuing Education – For our associates, we offer up to $5,000 in education reimbursement towards continuing education.
  • Referral program – We offer referral bonuses to our staff when candidates referred by them are hired.